Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Total Political Failure

"He's one of them that never learns, he is!"

"Well, he's a learnin' now!"

"Some fools just gots to learn the hard way! Ya poke the bear you gonna git bit!"

"Hey, Mr. Fool, I got one word for ya. Are ya listenin'? Tactics!"

"Well played, sir. Bravo! One must certainly use correct tactics in order to persuade to your enlightened beliefs. Frankly, I don't think this fellow gave it a second thought and thus he got the vote he got."

"He's one of those raving ideologues!! Thinks he knows everything!! Never listens to anyone else!!"

"Them that gets high and mighty is gonna fall. He didn't even try to defend his positions."

"See!! Not practical!! Not realistic!! Pity the fool who's not like me!!"

"Politics is the art of compromise. Give a little, get a little. The man wouldn't budge."

"You know what he was, don't ya? One of them agitators, stirring folks up. And what does he end up accomplishing in the end? Nothin'! Absolutely nothin'!"

"Exactly. One must work within the system provided and change it from within. If one must do a little chicanery to get into a position of power, so be it. If one must do chicanery to stay in power, so be it. It's the only way to effect positive change."

"Extremist!! Radical!! Fanciful idealist!! That's what he is!! I been telling you!! Why didn't you listen to me!!"

"His sort always lose in the end, head piously in the clouds."

"Well, I ain't feelin' sorry for his ass, not one bit. He brought this on hisself. He wasn't ever tellin' folks what they wants to hear. Oh yeah, he'd keep saying, "Good news! I've got good news!" But it looks like bad news for him!"

"Him's got a stubborn neck like I never seen. I coulda told him how to play so he'd win. Know what he says to me? "The truth will suffice." Not hardly! Ya gotta sell it."

"I always sez don't argue with a idiot. Ya can't win and all they want to do is drag ya in the mud."

"Arrogance sits poorly on the uninformed. These poor naive souls thinking they can walk right right in and change the world. It's irresponsible not to be political and his fate certainly bears that out."

"Maniac!! Maniac!! One track maniac!!"

"Like I sez before: Ya get on your high horse thinking you more moral than everyone else and you gonna fall! Pride goeth before a fall!"

"Indeed! Close-minded, sanctimonious, self-oblivious preachers can hope to have no success in the end. If only we could educate their sort they could certainly have some redeeming value. What a waste."

"Eh, he had it coming to him otherwise it wouldn't have happened."

"Haha! That's cold, man! But reality plays no favorites."

"Exactly so. Some say there is no difference between the Pharisees and Sadducees but that is where the real fight is for us grown-ups. He decided to go his own way. Ah well, some just can't be saved from themselves."

"History is littered with the death of fools and history ain't gonna speak well of this one - if it says anything at all."

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