Friday, February 20, 2015

I Miss You Like A Dog

I miss you like a dog

Left out in the cold

To die;

Running chased down back alleys

Lined with muddied refuse;

Broken glass under my paws

Shards of a despairing world;

The fences too high to jump

Homes I can never reach;

Dogs with homes bark at me

Demanding I keep away;

Draped in a moonless night

Faceless headlights race without mercy;

Hurry, faster, hurry

I've nowhere to go;

I'm needing time

From one I can't need;

Her hand that fed me

I did make bleed;

This untrusted beast

Lives among the least

As my ilk must be;

Banished from her garden

Paradise frost;

If dead dogs could speak

They'd say me a freak;

I dare not follow the sun

For I am not One;

Does the wind seek my death?

Is there no place I can rest?

Streetlight children play

Mirrors of the world;

I stop and watch and stare

In madness gone awry with the lie

Only the innocent are left to give harbor;

They see me, point and laugh

I flee from shouts and whistling rocks;

But how can a dog expect to live

When he's got nothing left to give?

Panting, scurrying, dodging, weaving

My kingdom for a milk bone;

This shitty city without pity

Forces me into woolly woods;

Heavy in my mortal fear

I dare not drop a tear;

Sentinel trees bar my way

Intruder in the mist;

Would she care if she saw me now?

I've lost my right to ask;

Burrowing deep in discarded leaves

Into the next life I shall grieve;

Please tell me she can find me still

Though only Heaven knows my wandering will;

How can I expect life from this fate?

Is water provided to the desert lost?

Nature's justice is truly blind;

The forest chill freezes in silence

Has my presence been noticed?

Has she come for me after all?

I hear a rustling headed my way!

I was wrong to leave and not to stay

I should have faced her, not run away!

Then I see the eyes so wanting me

Oh,'s the wolves.

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