Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Cheshyre in Wonderland (Photo Essay)

Wonderland 48.

I walk as an invisible man in downtown Dallas; unseen, unknown, unwanted. The average rent now is $1,800 a month in the downtown/uptown area with a 94% occupancy rate - and they can't build them fast enough. Who are these people? Where do the come from? How could I fit in?

No, the only place for me - the only place that's home - is down the rabbit hole. I must find sanctuary from the six figure cyborgs who rule the surface. But as we all know, escape is rarely easy. Let us begin the search.

Wonderland 29

Above ground the eye is always watching. What are you doing here? Are you a Cheshire spy? The Queen of Diamonds wants you gone! The eye spies on you because the eye must hide its sins.

For the Upworlders life is colorful and benign. They believe all the world is as their world, that the future is theirs. Deep inside they know that is an illusion - and that breeds fear. But that only makes them shut their eyes all the harder!

Wonderland 49.

Wonderland 42.

Wonderland 34

My search for color does not go so well. I see the lost greys and bleak blacks of the day-to-day drudgery. And because I see this that makes me an enemy, a terrorist of truth. But the truth exists with or without me. It is themselves that they fear.

Wonderland 41.

Wonderland 22

Wonderland 44. That's actually a statue on the left.

I see a hint of color in a Chapel leading downward. Is this the way to the rabbit hole? Will they possess me or caress me? Only one way to find out.

Wonderland 47.

I'm amazed at the spiral of lights above. Maybe this is the color I seek!

Wonderland 15

Wonderland 18

But what is the destination? Where does this lead?

Wonderland 17

Only to a dead end: a podium to worship, a flag to salute; monuments of the world. I run outside to find my world blacker than ever. Where is the escape hatch?

Wonderland 4

I fear to enter but what choice do I have? Only creatures as desperate as I would reside in dark places like this. But I need to hide from the people who need to hide.

Wonderland 12

Deep in the bowels the workers are kept to ply their services. This too is a dead end with monuments to the world. This is the anti-city where the Upworlders only visit.

Wonderland 2

Back outside I find a Lady of the Light. She tells me I'm making this harder than it has to be (again!) and that the answer is right in front of my eyes. "You too are blind!" I depart wondering if I can absorb her wisdom.

Wonderland 45.

Shit, it can't be this simple! Down I go.

Wonderland 8

Wonderland 9

The doors of perception stand before me. Will I find my Alice?

Wonderland 10

Wonderland 36

The Mad Hatter! I knew my old friend madness would not let me down. I felt my guard dropping as I entered home at last.

Wonderland 37

Wonderland 38

Down in this rabbit hole I'll stay. The world is mad pretending sanity while the sane are mad pretending insanity. But these colors are mine.

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