Friday, December 19, 2014

The Joy Of Suicide

Monster Man comes
Worshiping his sword;
He's come to bring me
The Living Word!

"Slay your feelings
"Through and through,
"Or with this blade
"I'll slay You!"

"You'll be slain
"Like Cool Hand Luke,
"And nailed like the Savior
"We did rebuke."

"You'll be commanded
"To do the need-less;
"The first to suffer
"Will be the greed-less."

"If in your soul
"Industrial pollution;
"I have for you a
"Chemical solution."

"If slavery is
"Not your dream;
"Then into the night
"You shall scream."

"No one must ever
"Break the chain!
"This world is built
"On human pain."

"Holy is denial of
"This realization:
"Not now nor past has
"Been civilization."

But I could not be stopped
From smelling this flower;
Even if I must die
Within the hour.

From the blade I
Can no longer flee;
Only in love
Can I be free.

I spent my life
Doing the unwanted;
Of my dead hopes
I'm now haunted.

They promised me love
In a world of war;
Said I'd be safe
If I was a whore.

But I can say now
In honest sorrow;
That without love
There's no tomorrow.

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