Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Wide, Wide World Of West Texas Winter (Photos)

Traveling on the flat plains of West Texas in the panhandle. I was lost in plain sight amid the snow and ice. Where was I? Where had I been? Where was I going?

Reaching the other side I found travelers to and fro. They were on my path but was I on theirs?

I made a wrong turn. There was darkness on my path but I thought, "Is there another way?" I left the light behind, running from it yet still craving it. How bent my words.

Ice was here. Ice was there. Ice was everywhere. But I was nowhere.

I found a road - not much of a road. I sensed a danger. This is the road of fools who've lost their way. Bad things happen on roads like these.

No refuge from the cold. No quarter given. If it can find you it will freeze you. I can't stay here so I must travel further (still away from the light).

I was fenced off from safety by both ice and men. I had to hope against hope of finding sanctuary.

But the road only got colder and the sky broader until there was no road at all. Nowhere now has a name.

I wondered, "Has anyone else traveled here before?" as I noticed the last signs of civilization. Light and colors were leaving me. Also not a good sign.

When I came to the end, both good news and bad. Yes, another traveler before me. Not so alone after all! But what once was living was now dead, frozen striving to the sky in its death throes for having wandered too far. Can I expect anything different?

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