Monday, October 21, 2013

Dallas Aurora (Borealis) Outdoor Art Show (Photo/Video)

Cathedral Guadalupe Church

Dallas, naturally, is too far south for the famed Northern Lights so we have to make do with making our own: The Dallas Aurora Art Show. Apparently it's been going on since 2010 but this year's was the first I'd heard of it. (Living hand to mouth is no picnic, my dear savage). It looked really cool from what I could tell and I was hoping for a somewhat surreal experience given to us from those who don't live under the gun. I was not disappointed.


Their stated mission is thus:

"The Aurora Project is a free contemporary art exhibition centered in the rapidly developing Dallas Arts District. The project presents interactive new media artworks such as light , video, performance, and sound in exciting and unexpected public spaces. For on unforgettable evening, the sunset signals the transformation of the 68-acres of downtown Dallas into one of the nations largest outdoor exhibitions of this cutting-edge medium. The Aurora Project offers a valuable opportunity for collaboration between hundreds of local, national, and international artists, alongside the Dallas Arts District, for an inclusive artistic experience and community engagement."


Dallas has one of the largest contiguous art districts in the country. It has turned into one of my favorite areas in the city. The people watching was great and the sensory experience of the sounds and smells and the night air cannot be captured. I took my camera but decided against lugging the tripod along which made for some interesting blurred and ghostly effects of night shooting which I felt fit right in to the scene.


There was certainly no shortage of people there:




Having never been before I was a tad disoriented and overwhelmed. But this only helped add to the feeling of wonder and discovery. I saw a solo girl with a camera photo-journalizing as I was and I was dying to team up with her. The show is an experience best shared as you explore the wonderland.




Giant eyeballs, Cajun voodoo, mysterious light beings - things were happening all around and I felt the need to be in all places at once in order not to miss anything. I really didn't do the show proper justice with my energies devoted to capturing and recording. It's best to relax and absorb each scene and read the placard of the description of the event to put it into context. On the other hand, it was fun not knowing the context and just enjoying the surreal aspects.


Next year I'm not sure if I'll take my camera or if I do I hope not to feel so rushed. I was exhausted when I left but felt I had gypped myself of the full experience. I created a video below as I stumbled around. It's a bit chaotic, without explanation, as I felt while wandering around. The ending in the 110 year old cathedral a fitting moment of finality and rest. Hope you enjoy!

Click here to view the entire photo set

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