Monday, January 09, 2012

A Camp With A View!

There I am fourth from the left with my
cool new haircut and FREE pajamas!

Hi, everyone! My family and me got sent to the Unemployment Camp! They said it will make me a better person. Gosh, thanks President Adolph, I really appreciate that.

They say if you work hard your whole life and do just
like they tell you, you just might get a jelly donut!

First off, I'd like to thank this great society of ours for the FREE train ride we got to get here! It was really cool and we got to pee out the side and nobody could say nothing about it!

Thank goodness for the soldiers of the world!

These people in uniforms came and said we wasn't good enough for our house anymore but even if we do suck as people they are still gonna give us a FREE place to live! Some families just have to roam the streets and die but not us! We're doing like we was told and that's why we get the reward. Trust the system everyone!

Me with all my new friends!

But I know what you guys want! You want views of our cool new camp! Get ready to get all jealousy! Maybe we ain't good enough for jobs but least we can do is come here so people won't have to see or hear us. No wonder I hear people saying that folks just might WANT to be unemployed!

I love the smell of the delousing station in the morning!

Looks like they don't plan on letting
us starve with big ovens like that!

I drew this myself! This guy said something wrong, something 'bout
wanting "a living wage", so they had to beat his ungrateful butt!

In other countries I hear they are really mean to people what go no jobs. They don't even let them see a doctor or let them have medicine! Who could do such a thing and still live with themselves? But here they are always talking about how they are "going to take care of us" and the medicine is so good they say it's experimental.

One day I hope we are good family again with jobs. We all want to do our share and I don't understand why people get so angry when we ask to work. There's tons that needs to be doing in the world so why can't we do it? No one will answer me! It would just be crazy and more crazy if they don't let people work and then tell them they have to die 'cause of it. Who could do such a thing? This what they mean by "Final Solution"?

Now go to the edge of the universe and see how silly we really are

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