Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Of Godly Wars And Ungodly Peace

"He who lives by the sword dies by the sword."


Stated above are two laws of the universe to be observed or not observed as each person sees fit, but making neither less true by lack of acknowledgement. By acknowledging reality we gain life, by denying it we gain death. There are those who see salvation on both sides - only one can be correct. The proof is in the music!

In 1812 Napoleon was at the height of his powers, all Europe at his feet, seemingly unstoppable. That time - as all times - held war as man's final outlet for self-expression. To lesser eyes, Napoleon was "lucky", a man whom chance favored in battle and who but for the falling of a leaf victory would have been denied. But those are the voices that speak out against all genius, failing to see the design that creates success and opportunities, leaving smaller minds to debate what they see as the "happenstance" of events.

It's clear now we lost World War II. True, we ended the Nazi threat as had to be done but we failed to end the threat of war - which also had to be done. The Age of War is over and to continue this folly only furthers our demise. We have retreated from victory, declaring peace the true enemy and war our true friend. It's the deceived vanity of all liars: Man can live by the sword and E<>mc2. How wonderful to trump reality!

Napoleon lived by the sword as an up and coming officer who shone the light of clarity in times of confusion. He lived by the sword as he staved off rival nations bent on destroying France. He lived by the sword as he sought conquest for conquest's sake, swilling from the cup of power. He had to wonder: "Do I have any limits? Can I forever war after all? Why does God not reel me in?" Thus Napoleon sought conquest over his greatest foe: truth itself.

Hope a patriot told him it's a good war

Only in the perverse nature of war is where victory invites defeat. We "won" WWII after all and that invited us to further "good" wars as we swilled from the cup of power. We pray at the empty altar of war to save us from the looming destruction of peace we imagine in our minds. We fight evil windmills and shadows of our own making as we slide down the slope of defeat. But we see that defeat not as the fault of war, but of the lack of it. War is peace in Man's triumphant mind, making our lies safe.

The invasion of Russia was Napoleon's cry for help, to bring his life back under control. That's why he said he had no choice but to invade. For the hapless Russians, they wailed at defeat after defeat as the French army advanced. Where does hope lay when denied the glory of war? Uncoordinated and disorganized, the people resorted to simple survival tactics, scorching the earth and engaging in seething retreat. So much gnashing of teeth at being unable to live by the sword! They hung their heads, succumbing to reality and fearing the worst for it.

We've "cleverly" declared victory in our invasions of the Middle East even as our actions speak defeat. Like Napoleon's army, we're lured further and further in as the greatest power on earth, exercising our will but calling it God's. But just as with the Russian invasion, each day we continue means only another day of our own destruction in return. And just as Napoleon knew he violated the laws of the universe, so do we, yet we march onward to our doom. As is so often the case, actual victory lies in surrender.

You can't do that without a Kalashnikov!

Both the French and the Russians sought to honor the gods of war. Like lemmings led over a cliff, the French closed their eyes in what they called patriotic duty in a united front against survival. For the Russians, both old men and boys swelled with tears at the idea of dying for their country in glorious battle. For where in ordinary life does one get the chance to be so selfless? A land of vast and cruel slavery ached to fight for freedom. Denied that chance, the Russians were left with only themselves to face: the fate to be avoided all costs.

No one cares what our wars cost us (in any terms), we close our eyes in what we call patriotic duty. In our land of vast slavery where tens of millions are trapped by the denial of work, of working poverty, and the unfettered drain of resources from the many to the few we fight in the name of freedom. And the more "success" we hail the deeper the hole we dig. Yes it's true, we say: He who lives by the sword dies by the sword. But it's just not true for us. We cheer our own demise!

Napoleon was crushed by forces greater than any army. And once begun, the spiral downward was as unstoppable as the previous ascension. The great asset of the lemmings' blindness to be led worked against the general as each one leapt off the cliff, refusing to stop so as not to dishonor those who went before. It was the great bleeding of a country as she lost all her strength and war carried victory to her enemies. None of the foreseeable was foreseen because the hallowed fool ruled the day declaring, "Who's to say what is real and what is not?"

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